Problem with "Possible Microsoft security vulnerability attack" detection on version 3.23-1??

Tan Siew Wu siewwu.tan at EDGEMATRIX.COM
Wed Sep 25 03:15:47 IST 2002

Hi all,
I just upgraded to 3.23-1 two days ago.  Everything is working fine except
that there are unusual amount of detection on "Possible Microsoft security
vulnerability attack".  I was on 3.21-1 and guess this was not part of the

A brief check indicates that all came from a number of mailing lists that
my users subscribe to.  Examples like Daily Dilbert list, Oracle list,CNet list...etc.

I haven't had time to try to dive into the detection perl code for it and
is wondering if someone facing the similar issue.  From what I see, the is
not configurable option on mailscanner.conf to control this new detection

Currently configured to keep whole infected message.  If someone wants to
take a look at these messages, I can collect a few of them and email it.

Siew Wu

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