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Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Sep 23 23:28:30 IST 2002

At 23:11 23/09/2002, you wrote:
>Julian's so good, not only can he code a new rev,
>he can back port goodies to the old rev,
>he can ALSO install new software on the web site.
>He's secretly an octopus overdosing on caffeine,
>and has four computers going full blast all the time!

Aw shucks...
I don't sleep too much, I know that, but I admit I do have 4 PC's in my
office running all day :-)

By the way, I only do MailScanner in between everything else I do at work.
I work as part of a team of 8, supporting a department of 1500 people (half
undergraduates, half research students and staff). If you want to see what
I do all day, read this:

Oh, and by the way, I just released 4.00.0.a5 to fix today's bug-ettes.

As they say across the pond: Enjoy!

Julian Field                Teaching Systems Manager
jkf at         Dept. of Electronics & Computer Science
Tel. 023 8059 2817          University of Southampton
                             Southampton SO17 1BJ

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