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James Murchison james at
Fri Sep 20 08:56:48 IST 2002


Firstly thanks for taking an interest in my problem. I think if I can
get Mailscanner to run as root, this will fix my problem. Any hints you
know of??

See below for other answers.

On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 09:16:44AM +1000, James Murchison wrote:

> I have been running Mailscanner for 12 Months on RedHat 7.0 with
> InoculateIT no problems. Recently we introduced a new mail server,
> Redhat 7.3 and InoculteIT 6.0. I have the latest version (3.22-14) of
> Mailscanner installed. I am having an issue with INO6.0, it comes up
> with a libarclib shared library problem when the sweep is run.

What's the exact problem/error message/output?

The exact error is : error in loading shared libraries:
cannot open shared object file: No Such file or directory
I was able to duplicate this error by logging in as a non root user.
Then running the command (inocmd32). As soon as I logged in as root the
problem goes away.

The exact problem is : When the virus scanner is invoked it returns the
above error, then proceeds to continue processing without scanning for

> I have visted the mailing lists and seen there are numerous people who

> have addressed this problem with AMVIS (InoculateIT will not accept
> anything, but the root user). I have tried to adapt to Mailscanner
> with no success.

You mean Inoculate won't run *at all* unless it's root? By design? Or
just by accident?

By design.... CA have advised this will not change. [JM]

What use are you running mailscanner as?

I use Mailscanner to prescan multiple email domains for viruses and
filtering certain file types. [JM]

> What user does the sweep command use? can you help ??

Whatever you are running mailscanner as.

Another stupid question .... How do I change this??


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