Best practices for white and black lists?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Sep 17 22:57:35 IST 2002

Sorry to spout on about the new version of MailScanner again, rather than
the version you've got, but this should be simple. You will be able to
specify a set of rules for calculating the value "Is It Definitely Spam"
(addresses contained in the ruleset build up your blacklist), and a set for
calculating the value "Is It Definitely Not Spam" (addresses contained in
the ruleset build up your whitelist).

Currently there is a "spam.whitelist.conf" in which you can place all your
whitelist addresses. There is currently no blacklist, but you can easily do
that in sendmail anyway.

At 16:15 17/09/2002, you wrote:
>I am trying to figure our the best method for creating white and black
>lists.  It seems like there are several places to put these entries
>mailscanner/spamassasin/or sendmail.
>The first scenario is mail that did not get tagged as spam but should have.
>Should I put in the ip in the access sendmail file or is ther a black list
>for mailscanner?  Is there a simpler way?
>The second scenario is something get's reported as spam but should not.  Can
>I use the auto whitelist feature?  If so, how does it work, I couldnt find
>any information on configuratio or use?  What is the best way?
>There probably is a million ways to cut it, but I am looking for best
>practices that seem to work for people.  My goal is to limit the amount of
>management and using automated features would be great.  Thanks.

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