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Daniel Tan danieltan at
Fri Sep 13 05:38:44 IST 2002

sophos is chargin around US$750 for just the sophos anti-virus from a local
company in my country..with 10 licenses which i don't need...likewise
everyone only needs the server license...

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From: "S Mohan" <smohan at VSNL.COM>
Sent: Friday, September 13, 2002 12:30 PM

We have had a few threads on this and recently someone was talking of Sophos
being expensive. Sophos licences SAVI for use. I believe we need to licence
out as many users of SAVI as mailbags or email ids for which mail is
scanned. They do not seem to have a server licence for a command line
version. F-Prot seems to be selling a server licence at $300.

Can some one throw light on the licence and cost implications of various
scanners when used in conjunction with MailScanner please?


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