what are you rude?.. heres a copy of what I sent you a weekago.try reading it

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Famous economic principle

The demand for a free good always exceeds supply.

Matt Doherty
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>>In a world without walls or fences, who needs Windows and Gates?<<

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  Please can we just drop this thread altogether? Unless there's a very good
  reason, banning someone from the list is a pretty puerile thing to do and
  don't want to sink to his level.

  If he believes that a voluntary mailing list is the same as a premium rate
  tech support phone number, maybe he might like to send me $20,000 per
  at which point he can have my phone number. Pay me (and other regular
  contributors on the list) a large enough sum of money and I'm sure we
  provide the level of support he seems to want. At some point he will come
  to realise that expecting any more than you pay for involves being
  tolerant and polite. Most people realise this eventually.

  I hereby announce this thread to be dead.
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