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At 22:00 31/10/2002, you wrote:
>OK, I am truley lacking in intelligence. Please help me out here.
>Spam List = /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.list.rules
>spam.list.rules contain
>From:   192.168.1.*     no
>From:   65.170.187.*    no
>From:   65.170.190.*    no
>From:   208.29.17.*     no
>To:     default         ORDB-RBL Infinite-Monkeys osiru sbl njabl dynablock
>Will this use RBL's on just what is listed in
>Spam Checks = /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.check.rules
>or on every message?

It should only apply the spam lists to messages which pass the
The "Spam Checks" rules are used to work out whether to do any spam
checking on the message at all. The list of RBLs is then calculated from
"Spam List" rules and are then applied to the message.

"Spam Checks" controls the whole spam checking process.

>If it is applied to every message I then assume I need to go ahead and specify
>in spam.list.rules something like
>To:     default no
>To:     user at
>To:     user1 at
>and so on.

In rules files, you should always specify the result (unless the result is
blank) so the "To:" lines above should all have a "yes" or a "no" at the
end of each line.
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