ANNOUNCE: Version 4 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Oct 20 14:42:21 IST 2002

Hi folks!

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Well, I've finally made it, here is MailScanner Version 4.

There are loads of new features, but here are the most important. For
everything else, read the ChangeLog in the downloads.

- Completely redesigned and rewritten from scratch
- Multiple concurrent scanning processes makes it run much faster as all
    the CPU's in the server can be fully loaded at all times
- Ran 4 times faster than version 3 in speed tests on a dual-CPU system
- Virtually all configuration options can have their value calculated from
   a ruleset allowing you to set different values depending on the From:
   address, the To: address or the IP address of the computer sending you
   the message
- Now supports 13 virus scanners:
   Sophos, McAfee, Command, Kaspersky, Inoculate, Inoculan, Nod32, F-Secure,
   F-Prot, Panda, RAV, AntiVir and Clam.
- Added traps for all known Outlook, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer
   and Eudora security vulnerabilities.
   MailScanner is now a complete e-mail security system, not just a virus
- Actions to take when a message is detected as being spam include any
   combination of
   "deliver" it to the intended recipient as normal
   "store"   it in the spam archive
   "delete"  it altogether
   "bounce"  it back to the sender by sending them a warning message
   "forward" it to any other email addresses
    "striphtml" to remove all HTML content and images, leaving only plain text
- Supports multiple directories, either by specifying a wildcard
   in the MailScanner.conf file, or else by giving the name of a file
   that contains the list of directories.
- A 4th security patch added to MIME-tools to handle messages better that
   have badly-formed MIME headers in sections of the message.

1) This release can only be used with sendmail. Exim support for this
version will be released soon.
2) People who have been using the alpha test versions: I have removed the
"Load SpamAssassin" option. You will need to ensure you remove this from
your conf file as its presence will stop MailScanner starting.

Download it all from

All comments to mailscanner at or this mailing list please.
I hope you like it!

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jkf at         Dept. of Electronics & Computer Science
Tel. 023 8059 2817          University of Southampton
                             Southampton SO17 1BJ

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