SpamAssassin and Virus delays

Thomas DuVally thomas_duvally at BROWN.EDU
Wed Oct 16 19:23:34 IST 2002

Hi all,

I've recently put in MailScanner V3.22-14.  We've been humming along
until we see peak times.  While delivery is fast, scanning is slow.
Then we start seeing large delays (30+min).

We were receiving over 7500 messages per hour, and were able to scan
only up to 5200 in that same hour.

To copy we turned off SpamAssassin and scanning of text messages.  This
helped out a lot!

I want to be able to turn on at least SpamAssassin again, but are there
any tweaks I can use to help speak things up?

Oh, one other thing, I'm using Symantec Carrier Scanner on Unix to scan,
which I had to hack support for.  It can scan about 3 file a second
(theoretically 10800 an hour)

Any help?

Will v4 be able help?
Thomas DuVally <thomas_duvally at>
Brown University

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