Still catching "Possible Microsoft security vulnerability attack"

Mike Zanker mike at ZANKER.ORG
Mon Oct 7 18:27:41 IST 2002

On 07 October 2002 10:49 -0600 John Hanks <john.hanks at USU.EDU> wrote:

> Ok, looks like I have overcome my source of confusion. This works (at
> least nothing has been caught in the last 10 minutes or so)
> Allow IFrame Tags = yes
> Allow Codebase Tags = yes

Please be warned that if you have these set to "yes" then some
bugbear-infected e-mails will NOT be scanned. I had this happen this
afternoon when a bugbear-infected e-mail with IFrame tags got through.
Having set IFrame to "no" it correctly scanned and quarantined it.


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