Your mail server sent us a virus

Sunday Folayan sfolayan at
Mon Oct 7 10:01:34 IST 2002


If you look at the messageID, you will see it is from compuserve and not
our network. You will need to tweek you software.

We do have a very good spam/virus scanner called mailscanner installed,
and it is free. We would not be purchasing declude at this time. You may
also try another marketing ploy if you still have the energy.

Regards ...

Sunday A. Folayan
General Data Engineering Services Ltd [SKANNET]
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On Sun, 6 Oct 2002, Postmaster wrote:

> Date: Sun,  6 Oct 2002 12:48:34 +0100
> From: Postmaster <postmaster at>
> To: postmaster at
> Subject: Your mail server sent us a virus
> The Declude software on our mail server detected the : W32/Bugbear.A at mm virus
> that appears to have come from your mail server.  It was sent from in
> an attachment iridium.exe.pif, from Liz.Gherardi at to universal_sodexho at,
> with the subject " RE: Address".  The Message-ID was:
> <200210061146.HAA11444 at>.
> If your mail server had virus protection, it would have caused less work for
> our server and would have likely prevented one of your users from getting a
> virus in the first place!
> This is an automated message sent by Declude Virus ( ).

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