ANNOUNCE: 4.00.0a9 released

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Sun Oct 6 03:06:36 IST 2002

At 01:49 06/10/2002, you wrote:
>Oops...hit Send too soon.  Based on the above, I'd guess it is about
>equivalent to RH 6.x since the installed version of perl is 5.005_03 and
>the kernel is 2.2.16

RedHat haven't impressed me with this problem. The net result of me
packaging V4 in way they approve of is that it is a real pain to install on
non-RedHat systems. The RH7 version depends on perl 5.6.1 and the RH8
version depends on perl 5.8.

My previous packaging was independent of the version of Perl that was
Until I get this problem sorted properly, you will have to install the
HTML-Parser and HTML-Tagset modules yourself then either force the
installation of the MailScanner V4 RPM using a command like
         "rpm -Uvh --force blahblah.rpm"
or just use the MailScanner V4 tar distribution and carry on using
/opt/MailScanner for the installation.

Sorry, this looks like I need to go from 2 distributions (tar and
distro-independent RPM) to at least 4 (tar, RedHat 7, RedHat 8 and
distro-independent RPM). And all to keep the nice guys at RedHat happy...

This is going to be a real pain to do, and to keep all the files up to date
with each other. Having things like 4 different versions of the init.d
script doesn't exactly make life very easy. As for testing all 4 distros,
who knows?

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> > There are also the first versions of RPMs for RedHat 7.x and for
> > RedHat 8.x. Please be sure to use the right set, they won't install
> > (due to lack of dependencies) if you use the wrong ones. If you aren't
> > using RedHat, then I suggest you try the RedHat 7.x set first as that
> > doesn't require Perl 5.8.
>What version of Redhat does a Cobalt Raq4i have?

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