MRTG on MailScanner 3.23-4

Matt hciss at HCIWS.COM
Fri Oct 4 21:25:04 IST 2002

> Could you please post the new file or a link to it?

Attached, but I am not saying its right.  Seems to work for me.  I used it
like so on my Raq:

perl /mail/i
perl /virus/i
perl /spam/i

Now to get MRTG to use it?

> Would like to try it myself too! Does it still require that the maillogs
> need to be rotated daily?

I am running a Cobalt Raq4i.  It seems to already rotate the logs every
morning a 4am.  So, I dunno?

> > I finally got to work on Mailscanner 3.23-4 by changing
> > log directory and the search string for spam.  Now, how do I get MRTG to
> > anything with this?  I have MRTG setup on my Raq to monitor my T1's but
> > not idea on this.
> >
> > Matt

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