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Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Nov 27 18:46:18 GMT 2002

At 12:23 27/11/2002, you wrote:
>Presumably, this has changed recently from a http:// to a ftp:// server.
>Our server reaches the internet via a squid proxy server.
>Hence, we have a line
>         $HttpProxy  = 'x.x.x.x:3128';
>in our f-prot-autoupdate.
>But this isn't used for ftp:// downloads.
>I have solved this by adding a similar $FtpProxy variable
>which is used to set the appropriate environment variable:
>         $ENV{'ftp_proxy'} = $FtpProxy if $FtpProxy;

I have added this to the script.

>The error message is bad:
>         Bad file descriptor ...
>This script should simply exit and shouldn't try to read from a non
>existing file.
>Even better, the script should give some hint, for what reason the get
>command failed.

The error message now includes what it was trying to download, and where
from, so its output should be clearer.
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