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Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Mon Nov 25 22:17:02 GMT 2002

Could you be more specific?  There are three possible sources of message 
rejection, so the report contained in the body of the message would be 
required to determine which part of mailscanner is killing your message.

Do you get:

  Report: Possible Microsoft security vulnerability attack

if so, configure your mailscanner.conf with: Allow IFrame Tags = yes

Otherwise it could be a filename rule, or a virus detection from mcafee, 
but the report will tell what/why.

At 12:28 PM 11/25/2002 -0500, you wrote:

>Hi, i can´t send web pages from Outlook express because my e-mail server 
>return: Warning: E-mail viruses detected, I have mailscanner + sendmail, 
>and the same page can to send from other e-mail server (mailscan (mcfee) + 
>exchange) with the same dat version.
>How fix my problem.
>I need help, thanks.
>Jefe de Servicios Telemáticos
>Miguel.Montoya at
>Calle 28 No. 25-61
>Tuluá, (Valle del Cauca), Colombia
>Tel: 57+2+2242033 (235)
>Fax: 57+2+2242984
>MSN mimontoy
>Registro linux 159945

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