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At 21:45 22/11/2002, you wrote:
>I currently have a RedHat 8.0 server setup which I would like to do a
>couple things...  I want it to accept an email from ANY domain/user, check
>to make sure its address to *, (if its not addressed to our
>domain, the email is considered a spam relay and is not accepted) after it
>passes that it is then scanned by anti virus scanners, and if it passes
>that, its then scanned for spam, and if successfully passed those test it
>is then forwarded off to our internal exchange server.
>I've already done the anti-relay portion of it, however when I telnet to
>sendmail, and try to send an email through it, it says "invalid
>user"...  I think its still lookin on the linux box for the user rather
>than just accepting it. What do I change in the config's to make it accept
>email to any user at
>Our smtp/redhat machine =
>Our exchange server =

This is a sendmail configuration question, and is not really relevant to
MailScanner. MailScanner plays no part in the provision of SMTP service or
deciding what addresses your server should accept and refuse, nor does it
play any part in the delivery of messages to your Exchange server.

A more normal setup is to not accept email for any domain/user who is not
in your domain. Sendmail does this pretty much "out of the box" and you
will just need to tell it to relay for your domain (/etc/mail/relay-domains
on RedHat 7.1) and pass all mail to your Exchange server (a simple or tweak).

Once you have all the mail being routed correctly, only then install
MailScanner on it. If you have any problems installing MailScanner, feel
free to contact this list (or me) for help.

P.S. On a point of netiquette, you might want to consider the wisdom of
including images in mail that is delivered (by this list) to a large number
of recipients, when the image does not contain any content relevant to the
subject of the message.
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