Connecting mailscanner to sendmail

Lewis Bergman lbergman at
Fri Nov 22 14:02:14 GMT 2002

On Friday 22 November 2002 04:36 am, Remco Barendse wrote:
> Just a thought, would it be an idea to make the number of processes that
> will be started a MailScanner.conf option?
> Was thinking of something like
> Mail volume for this server = lo/med/high
> Would save some mem on low mem boxes and would have no negative result on
> mail processing speed if the number of processes is reduced but it is a
> low volume box.
> Maybe even make it a number to control how many processes will be running?
You mean maybe like the Max Children setting?
# As a rough guide, try 5 children per CPU.
Max Children = 10

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