v4 boot script and other questions

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Nov 22 09:57:32 GMT 2002

At 21:27 21/11/2002, you wrote:
>    I'm experimenting with the upgrade from v3 to v4.  First off,
>is there a boot-time /etc/init.d script for MailScanner v4 already?
>Or just invoke "/opt/MailScanner/bin/check_mailscanner" from my
>v3-era boot-script?

If you are using the "tar" distribution, then there isn't one, you should
be able to just re-use your v3-era boot script.

>    Second, I'm wondering about weirdness when I run the sendmail
>queue by hand with v4.  With v3, I used:
>Delivery Method = queue
>instead of batch.

I would always advise batch in v4 personally.

>   My boot-time script for sendmail looks like:
>#---delivery-only mode for mailscanner
>/usr/lib/sendmail -bd -ODeliveryMode=queueonly
>#---process /var/spool/mqueue every 5 minutes for actual delivery
>/usr/lib/sendmail -q5m
>For v4, I commented out the "-q5m" line in my sendmail boot script,

If you comment out the -q5m then it will just try to send 1 message input
from stdin. Which isn't what you want at all. Try -q30m or something like that.

>and used "Delivery Method = batch".  If I process /var/spool/mqueue
>by hand, ie "/usr/lib/sendmail -v -q", then I get complaints in
>the window where I did "/opt/MailScanner/bin/check_mailscanner" from,
>which doesn't look good:

Check you haven't still got v3 running while trying to run v4.
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