Missing Spam List Definitions

Simon Turvey turveysp at NTLWORLD.COM
Thu Nov 21 23:30:09 GMT 2002

Hi all,
    In the configuration options documentation the following is stated:

"Spam List Definitions :- This file contains all the definitions of the
"Spam Lists" (also known as RBL's or DNSBL's) which can be used to try to
detect spam based on where each message came from. Many more spam lists can
be added to this file, but it contains the most popular ones to get you

Later, it is stated:

"Spam List :-  This provides a space-separated list of "Spam Lists" (or
RBL's or DNSBL's) which are checked for each message. These lists are based
on the numeric IP address of the server that sent the message to your
MailScanner server. Every list used here must be defined in the "Spam List
Definitions" file mentioned above."

I cannot find however, the file that contains the spam list definitions, nor
is a location defined in mailscanner.conf.  I am using mailscanner 3.26.1-1
in Debian/testing.

Can you advise if this is a) my fault, b) Debian package maintainer's fault,
c) other.

Many thanks for a great tool and any help you can provide,

Simon Turvey

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