Port 25 not open

Randy Herban RHerban at GRAMTEL.NET
Thu Nov 21 15:41:27 GMT 2002

I have noticed this too and it bugged me many hours until I found the

There is a line in the sendmail.cf specifying which ip/port to bind to, for
some reason it is only bound to by default.
I have just been changing that to the public IP of my server and killall
-HUP sendmail and it is working then.


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We're installing a new server to use in production. I wrote a short list of
steps to install it the exact same way my test servers were setup.
Everything went fine, except port 25 is not open. (it's open on the firewall
settings, just doesn't show up in a port scan and of course we can't send
any mail to it).

MailScanner is definitely running. If I do "service MailScanner reload" it
reloads fine, yet port 25 is still not open. Anyone have any ideas? The
steps we used for installing everything is below. No, I don't know if
sendmail was working before doing the install, so it could be a sendmail
problem. If you think it is, I'll take other avenues to fix the problem. Any
suggestion are appreciated.


Here are the steps we took to install everything:
-Fresh install of Redhat 7.3
-Make sure port 25 is open with ipchains -L
-Edit the /etc/mail/sendmail.mc file and comment the following lines:
        dnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')
        dnl FEATURE(`accept_unresolvable_domains')dnl
-Recreate the sendmail.cf file by doing the following at the command
prompt: m4 /etc/mail/sendmail.mc > /etc/mail/sendmail.cf -Install
MailScanner using the provided install.sh and install instructions -Install
SpamAssassin using the provided RPM files -Install F-Prot using the provided
RPM file -Configure MailScanner by modifying
/etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf (look for these settings)
        MTA = sendmail (search for MTA =)
        Virus Scanners = f-prot
        Use SpamAssassin = yes
        SpamAssassin Auto Whitelist = no
        Delivery Method = queue
        Spam Actions = forward  address_goes_here
        High Scoring Spam Actions = forward  address_goes_here -Comment out
the following lines in /etc/MailScanner/spam.lists.conf
        #MAPS-RBL                       blackholes.mail-abuse.org.
        #MAPS-DUL                       dialups.mail-abuse.org.
        #MAPS-RSS                       relays.mail-abuse.org.
        #MAPS-RBL+                      rbl-plus.mail-abuse.ja.net.
-Edit /etc/sysconfig/mailscanner and change queuetime:
-Run the following commands:
         service sendmail stop
         chkconfig sendmail off
         chkconfig MailScanner on
         service MailScanner start

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