Sendmail configuration:

Alex Short alex at IALEX.NET
Wed Nov 20 23:56:34 GMT 2002

Part of what you are doing-- redirecting mail after a scan to another
mailserver is what i implemented because we run notes.

in /etc/mail/mailertable smtp:[]

On this very list someone helped me out with that earlier in the month.

> New to MailScanner, I have a few questions about configuring sendmail to work the way that I would like it too.  However, before I ask the questions, I would like to let you know that I think that I have done my homework first.
> Scenario:
> I would like to have MailScanner running on one computer with the mail server located on a second box.
> >From the link, Deploying MailScanner with Microsoft Exchange Server or Postfix
> (or any other unsupported mail server), which points the reader to Q16 of the of the Installation FAQ, I gather that this is not out of the ordinary and that it indeed can be done. In fact, I observed that there are some instructions on how to do it. However, as a home linux user, I did not quite understand all that was being explained. So I went looking for more information to hopefully help me out. After a few days of digging around, I uncovered the following information.

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