Gavin Nelmes-Crocker gavin at NETERGY.COM
Wed Nov 20 23:21:28 GMT 2002

here are some examples of what I have been doing on a test system


To:     *      forward spam at delete
To:     default                 deliver


To:     *      delete
To:     *         store
To:     default                 deliver

and then we have the relevant info in the Mailscanner.conf file to tell it
to use these rules.

Basically in the first one for anything with a low score it delivers unless
it is going to someone at choclatier in which case it is forwarded to
spam at choclatier and deleted from the user.

In the case of a high score it is delivered by default except for choclatier
where it is deleted and for it is stored in the quarantine.

The rules files make this system incredibly powerful as you can take it even
further by defining a rule for each user though what the impact would be in
a large user base I don't know.

Hope this helps

ps if anyone wants to register me for some spam please feel free to do so at
gavin at set up specially for testing - the biggest laugh I've
had so far was 2 lists that sent me a mail refusing to add me to their
databases - did they get the idea I wonder

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> Sent: 20 November 2002 21:10
> Subject: spam.actions.conf
> Greetings,
> So far I have Spam Action = deliver instead of using spam.actions.conf.
> However today a client of ours wants us to just delete SPAM email instead
> of delivering it to them.  What is the best way to do this?
> In spam.actions.conf could I have
> delete
> @*.* deliver
> i.e. spam directed to will get deleted where as all other
> domains its delivered?
> Regards,
> Matthew K Bowman,
> Systems Administrator; Hostmaster; Miva Administrator
> Universal Digital Communications, Mansfield Ohio.

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