Sendmail configuration:

Dawes, Stephen Stephen.Dawes at GOV.CALGARY.AB.CA
Wed Nov 20 17:19:02 GMT 2002

New to MailScanner, I have a few questions about configuring sendmail to work the way that I would like it too.  However, before I ask the questions, I would like to let you know that I think that I have done my homework first. 
To outline what I have done so far before posting my questions is: 
1. Read the on-line installation documentation. 
2. read through the on-line FAQs.
3. Did a number of searches on the list archives for answers to my questions.
4. Went to and read the information available at .
5. Searched the internet in general for what I was looking for.
So, now it is to the list that I am turning to see if I have found the right answers, and further more, to share what I found in hopes that it will one day help someone else.

I would like to have MailScanner running on one computer with the mail server located on a second box.

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