Logging mailed marked as spam by RBL

Dale Lovelace dlovelace at HOTELS.COM
Tue Nov 19 20:53:34 GMT 2002

  Thanks! Would you mind if I asked a stupid perl question? In the file
/usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/Config.pm you use "new FileHandle"
quite a few times. Where does the object "FileHandle" come from?

  I am trying to steal from your Config.pm to read in the config file
for the MailScanner log analyzer I am writing :-)


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Subject: Re: Logging mailed marked as spam by RBL

At 19:53 19/11/2002, you wrote:
>   Ok, I finally got some spam from a RBL'ed site so I could see the
>entry. I noticed a strange entry:
>Nov 19 13:13:25 relay-01 MailScanner[24780]: Spam Actions: (RBL) Bounce
>   And that's it. Shouldn't the $from be at the end of the line? I
>noticed that SpamAssassin bounce lines were similar in that they left
>off the $from.
>   Bug?

Indeed. Fixed.
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