Logging mailed marked as spam by RBL

Matthew Bowman mbowman at UDCOM.COM
Tue Nov 19 18:47:08 GMT 2002

Check your /var/spool/maillog it should indicate which RBL was mentioned in
the detection


Matthew K Bowman,
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Universal Digital Communications, Mansfield Ohio.

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  I have MailScanner configured to use the RBL's ORDB-RBL and
Infinite-Monkeys, and SpamAssassin configure to skip_rbl_checks.

  When MailScanner marks a message as spam because it is in the RBL, does
it log this? If so, what does the log entry look like?

  Is there a way to test to make sure MailScanner is marking mail that is
from an RBL'ed site as spam?


  Dale Lovelace

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