Best way to use blacklists?

Martin Lorensen mlo at UNI2.DK
Mon Nov 18 20:32:15 GMT 2002

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, Bill Anderson wrote:

> I notice there are several ways to utilize blacklists.  Looks like you
> can do it in mailscanner, sendmail, and the other option is to let
> Spamassassin do it.  Any ideas on the best way to implement with pros
> and cons would be greatly appreciated?  Thanks.

Sendmail is IMHO always perfered if you can do it there - The simple
reason is that you don't have to do bounces to often faked

Only cache in doint it in sendmail would be that you might not have enough
information or you might want to get more information (e.g. content of
mail to be able to deliver with a changed subject) before you have to
reject the message.

If you blacklist in mailscanner you don't have to call SpamAssasin, on the
negative side is then that SA's AWL doesn't get more clever - but I guess
that is of little use of the origin is a blacklisted site or address.


Martin Lorensen

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