Again: Inline Text Signature and attachment-only mail

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Nov 18 14:24:39 GMT 2002

Sorry about that, must have missed it.
I have just added it to the code for 4.06 (the next release).

At 13:08 18/11/2002, you wrote:
>one month ago I sent this bug report:
> > One user received a mail with an empty body and two text/plain attachments.
> > Mailscanner inserted the "Inline Text Signature" into the first attachment.
> > The user got some trouble from this, because the attachment
> > was used as input for some program which disliked the signature.
> > MailScanner uses SignCleanMessage to insert the signature
> > into the first part of a multipart message.
> >
> > MailScanner shouldn't insert a signature into an attachment
> > which is marked with
> >       Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="something.txt"
>When releasing 3.24-1, Julian wrote
>   I have also fixed 1 minor bug affecting the warning message added to
>   infected messages containing no main message body at all.
>This didn't solve the original problem,
>since my problem was with inline signatures,
>but Julian fixed inline warnings.
>In mailscanner-4.05-3, file, function "SignWarningMessage"
>there is a line
>   # Won't sign attachments.
>     return 0 if $top->head->mime_attr('content-disposition') =~ 
> /attachment/i;
>Please add similar code to function "SignCleanEntity" in the same file.
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