Martin Lorensen mlo at UNI2.DK
Mon Nov 18 12:13:18 GMT 2002

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, Julian Field wrote:

> > > That only appears to easily allow for 1 language at a time.
> > > I allow you to choose different languages for different messages, like you
> > > can already with the message report files.
> >
> >Is it possible to use 2 (both) languages in a message at the same time?
> Just set up your own custom languages.conf file containing both languages.
> You are free to change what I provide...

What I would like was some way of having MailScanner merging 2 repports
and 2 langugage sets. Today some of the translated reports includes both
the national and the english version - thats kind of silly and adds
complexity when something should be changed.

Another thing would be to have alle the configuration options for repports
replaced by a "language-base-path" and a report-filename. That way you
only need to change one line when changeing the language.

My "dream" is to have a single config-file option "Language" which could
be "en", "de", "nl" etc. - or "de-en", "nl-en" etc. Where the last case
would have MailScanner merging the two repports.

This would requere some more work on the repports, e.g. having a way to
say "English version bellow", not having 2 headers and 2 footers etc.

Just my thoughts....


A happy MailScanner user,
Martin Lorensen

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