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Lewis Bergman lbergman at
Fri Nov 15 17:36:17 GMT 2002

After I installed version 4 I started bouncing spam instead of just deleting
it. I include in the report an address the sender may use to contact me that
will not be blocked. Some of the responses I get are quite comical. Maybe
there should be a place to post these for all to enjoy. A small excerpt

I sent two e-mail messages to jessekossman at this morning that
were rejected by your "SpamAssassin".  They WERE NOT SPAM.  You have
destroyed said messages, so I (and Jesse) have ALREADY been inconvenienced
by you.

If you were to carry out your threat to contact my ISP and request that my
"account be removed" would most certainly anger me greatly.  Thus contact
my ISP at your peril.

I suggest that you go yell at the programmers that designed the SpamAssassin,
and beat them about the head and shoulders.

(You should learn how to spell "behavior".)
Lewis Bergman
Texas Communications
4309 Maple St.
Abilene, TX 79602-8044
915-695-6962 ext 115

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