Tim Sellar tim at PHALANSTERY.CO.UK
Thu Nov 14 15:31:21 GMT 2002

There is a relevant artivle showing Bogofilter vs. SpamAssassin  here:

Given bogofilters huge performance advantage I am considering implementing
it as a primary spam filter. Mail which gets past it would then be passed to
Spam Assassin acting as a secondary filter. I would hope this gives the best
of both worlds. As a system wide filter I cannot guarantee the effectiveness
of any initial training I apply to bogofilter to reflect an individuals
particular email but can hopefully rely on Spam Assassin to catch most of
what bogofilter misses. Over time, spam trapped by SA will be fed back
(automatically?) to improve bogofilter's effectiveness and reduce reliance
on SA - hopefully giving better system performance...

Anyone see any flaws with this two-pronged approach?

What this does mean is I need to look at getting Mailscanner working with
both Exim and bogofilter...


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