IFrame tags

Robert robert at VCT.SI
Thu Nov 14 11:09:36 GMT 2002


I understand this now, but I have one more question - how does IFrame
tag get in normal (virus-free) e-mails? I receive many mails, sent
from OE or Outlook, but very few of them have IFrame tags in them.
What should a user do, to get rid of them? Sending plain-text
messages is one of them, any other solution maybe?


> exactly this is the problem. The infected code will not found, during
> the download with the MUA, only in a full system scan. I decided not to
> allow IFrame and my customers are happy with it, You just need a good
> explanation for the reason.
> Regards,
> Roland


Robert Manfreda
VCT d.o.o., Idrija

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