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Remco Barendse mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO
Thu Nov 14 09:25:28 GMT 2002

Hi Ken!

This is *very* interesting as it indeeds opens up some possibilities to
block nasty stuff.

Just wondering though, you have included what is in your ssjunk.txt file
but what do you have in the junksubs.txt file?

Also are the dots between the words really necessary, and will sendmail
treat the subjects and texts in the e-mails case insensitive?

Would be really great if you could send your and the
ssjunk.txt and junksubs.txt attached :)

Thanks for any info!

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Ken Rice wrote:
> I have the "luxury" of running servers for our corporation, including lists for our customers,
> so we have no "public" users. (We're a liberal corporation, but with no 'Net policies).
> Since email passing through our email server(s) are supposedly only business-related, I use 2 approaches.
> One is sendmail based, in my I have:
> F{JunkSubs} /etc/mail/junksubs.txt
> F{SSJunk} /etc/mail/ssjunk.txt
> HSubject:       $>Check_Subject
> SCheck_Subject
> R$={JunkSubs}$* $: NMJUNKSUB
> R$* $={SSJunk} $*       $#error $: NMJUNKSUB
> R$* NMJUNKSUB $*        $#error $: "553 Rejected"
> my ssjunk.txt includes:
> e-card
> greeting.card
> you.have.a.greeting.card.from
> along with many other phrases/words from v*agra on, including some sick stuff.
> In my spam.assassin.prefs.conf (mailscanner-3.26-1):
> blacklist_from  *@*
> blacklist_from  *
> blacklist_from  *@*
> blacklist_from  *
> and many others. I believe the above format to be correct, but, anyone,
> pls critique, 'cause it appears to work for me.

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