[Fwd: Rejected posting to MAILSCANNER@JISCMAIL.AC.UK]

James Pifer mailscannerlist at TNJINFL.COM
Wed Nov 13 18:35:50 GMT 2002

I looked at the FAQ before posting, and didn't find my answer.

I've installed Redhat 8 (with Sendmail of course) and then added MailScanner,
SpamAssassin, and F-Prot. My mail is being delivered, but I'm not sure that
it's going through the spam and virus filters. I received 6 spam messages
last evening.

-How can I tell if it's working correctly or not?
-Are there any log files? I checked maillog and it looked like only
sendmail activity.
-It also looks like Redhat 8 install Procmail by default. Do I need to
do anything with this, like shut it off or configure it?

Any help is appreciated.


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