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Sean Embry sean at NISD.NET
Wed Nov 13 17:26:12 GMT 2002

A clue by four applied vigorously to the user's head that clicks on this
works wonders.

>>> krice at SERVERSANDSOLUTIONS.COM 11/13/02 11:10AM >>>
On Wed, 13 Nov 2002 08:28:27 -0800
Steve Evans <sevans at FOUNDATION.SDSU.EDU> wrote:

> I am ready to just block all e-mail.

how about yahoo, hotmail, web2mail,  8-)

> I attached the two possibilitys now according to Mcafee.  Does
> have a long term solution for these guys.  I believe the rule that
> Julian suggested adding to spam.assassin.prefs.conf only covers the
> first one.

I have the "luxury" of running servers for our corporation, including
lists for our customers,
so we have no "public" users. (We're a liberal corporation, but with no
'Net policies).
Since email passing through our email server(s) are supposedly only
business-related, I use 2 approaches.

One is sendmail based, in my I have:

F{JunkSubs} /etc/mail/junksubs.txt
F{SSJunk} /etc/mail/ssjunk.txt

HSubject:       $>Check_Subject

R$={JunkSubs}$* $: NMJUNKSUB
R$* $={SSJunk} $*       $#error $: NMJUNKSUB
R$* NMJUNKSUB $*        $#error $: "553 Rejected"

my ssjunk.txt includes:
along with many other phrases/words from v*agra on, including some sick

In my spam.assassin.prefs.conf (mailscanner-3.26-1):
blacklist_from  *@*
blacklist_from  *
blacklist_from  *@*
blacklist_from  *
and many others. I believe the above format to be correct, but,
pls critique, 'cause it appears to work for me.

(Is a TAB really necessary after the "blacklist_from" ?

But, as I mentioned this is corporate, so if an employee does complain
they aren't getting some "legit" email like an e-card, I try to nicely
why they're blocked. (or am I really being a "nice" BOFH??)

Anyway, MANY THANKS to Julian Field, as with Mailscanner, SpamAssassin
and the
expensive Sophos, upper-level here is QUITE impressed with how we can
tweak our email flow.
And, it's just one more example of a great, reliable open-source
software, running on Linux here,
so much that I'm within an inch of convincing them that our primary
*nix platform for Oracle
should now be Linux.

Sorry for the ramble,

Ken Rice
The Library Corporation
(first commercial CD-ROM made (with Hitachi back then) in the world)

Yeah, is my domain, but they let me work from
home a lot for many reasons.

opensource, of course!

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