AW: reporting to Razor/Pyzor

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Wed Nov 13 13:37:59 GMT 2002

I don't run razor here anymore but when I used to, I had an alias setup
on my local machine (/etc/aliases) to forward messages sent to razor@ to
a specified email address.  Now it's just a list of email addresses that
have spammed they get all of my high scoring spam.  In my
MailScanner.conf, I have this:

# This is just like the "Spam Actions" option above, except that it
# then the score from SpamAssassin is higher than the "High SpamAssassin
# value.
#    deliver                 - deliver the message as normal
#    delete                  - delete the message
#    store                   - store the message in the quarantine
#    bounce                  - send a rejection message back to the
#    forward user at - forward a copy of the message to
user at
#    striphtml               - convert all in-line HTML content to plain
# Note that the bounce message is created in such a way as to stop it
# bouncing back to your site.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
High Scoring Spam Actions = forward razor at localhost


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Hi Mike,

> That would probably the high score action...set your action
> in a ruleset.

How? I do not really know what you mean. Can you give me a few more
hints? Do I do this within the SpamAssassin config?


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