MS v3->v4 issue/observation

David Lee t.d.lee at DURHAM.AC.UK
Fri Nov 8 19:02:52 GMT 2002

On Fri, 8 Nov 2002, Lewis Bergman wrote:

> > Under 3.x, our log files used to get entries of the form:
> >    Message [...] is spam according to ORDB-RBL
> > But these entries no longer appear with 4.x.  Which means our daily spam
> > count (derived from "") will apparently reduce to zero.
> > But I'm reasonably sure SPAM is being detected because I see:
> >    RBL checks: [...] found in ORDB-RBL
> Before I migrated all of my rbl's to SA I used to get messages logged about
> the rbl lists but I don't remember the form. If the RBL checks: [...] found
> in ORDB-RBL is being spit out why can't you use that?

Certainly I could use that.  But I thought it worth mentioning "for the
greater good of all" because it seems to be a change, possibly accidental,
between v3 and v4, and because it has a knock-on effect with the widely
used "".

Thanks.  Best wishes.


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