MS v3->v4 issue/observation

David Lee t.d.lee at DURHAM.AC.UK
Fri Nov 8 18:39:24 GMT 2002

Earlier this afternnon, I changed our main site relay (Solaris 8) from MS
3.25-1 to 4.06-1 (i.e. from 3 to 4).  [For the curious: 4.06-1 is a
version Julian had given me to test the "iframe-conversion" option.]

Neither our 3.x nor 4.x has used SpamAssassin.

Under 3.x, our log files used to get entries of the form:
   Message [...] is spam according to ORDB-RBL

and these were later detected via our "" to extract the
daily spam-count.

But these entries no longer appear with 4.x.  Which means our daily spam
count (derived from "") will apparently reduce to zero.
But I'm reasonably sure SPAM is being detected because I see:
   RBL checks: [...] found in ORDB-RBL

Looking deeper, I see that the code (which seems to have migrated from 3.x
"bin/" to 4.x "bin/MailScanner/") has changed its

With 4.x, if the config file says "Use SpamAssassin = no", the code in
"bin/MailScanner/" seems to return (line ~315), so it never gets
never the code that produces the "according to"  message (line ~390).

1. Is this observation correct (or have I somehow mis-configured)?

2. Is this change in behaviour (version 3 -> 4)intentional or accidental?

3. Where do we go from here?  (My config problem, or Julian's coding

(Off at a tangent, re: iframe: The good news (I presume) is that the log
files have "Content Checks: Detected Microsoft-specific exploits [...]"


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