Hardware Woes

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Nov 6 20:49:36 GMT 2002

At 20:03 06/11/2002, you wrote:
>I'll let Julian tell us what his needs/requirements are :)

My ideal list is this at the moment:

PC to run SuSE / Ensim / RedHat
Cobalt raq
Cobalt cube (or is it qube these days)
and a Sun workgroup server for various Solaris versions.

I need them for not only development, but also performance testing so that
potential users know what hardware they need for their mail load for the
current version.

I know that lot is asking a bit much of any of you, I'm trying to get some
sponsorship/donations locally too.

If anyone needs ammunition for their financial directors, get a quote from
MessageLabs or Trend for a nasty surprise! We did this and nearly fainted.

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>what are the hardware woes?
>I'm happy to contribute some equipment to the cause as well, I have some at
>least 1 spare motherboard with low end cpu and a large 1u unit again low cpu
>but fully working and redhat compatible.
>We are looking to benefit commercially its the least I can do.
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>I know out of all the people on this list and users of MailScanner which
>Julian provides for FREE, we should be able to come up with
>some spare hardware to get him the tools he needs.  I know I have RAM, some
>drives, a couple of older processors, etc that I will
>gladly donate to the cause.  If international shipping is a problem, I know
>Julian accepts donations via Paypal.  Come on
>folks...let's show some appreciation and help Julian help US!

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