MailScanner 4.x installation on SuSE 7.3

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Nov 4 20:44:54 GMT 2002

At 20:35 04/11/2002, you wrote:
>Before starting the script, you need to make a link, because
>neither /usr/src/redhat nor /usr/src/RPM exists - "ln -s
>/usr/src/packages RPM" helps. If you have the sendmail-tls package,
>provided by SuSE, you need to add --nodeps to the line "rpm -Uhv
>mailscanner*..." in the script.

Fixed in the next release.

>Standard installation of SuSE with sendmail, has a subdirectory
>.hoststat in /var/spool/mqueue. You need to move this subdirectory to
>/var/spool (or wherever you want), than change the refering line in your
>/etc/ file.

Already fixed in the latest release.
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