V4 Upgrade Experience

Gerry Doris gerry at dorfam.ca
Mon Nov 4 19:41:47 GMT 2002

I finally got around to upgrading from V3 last Saturday.  I've been
waiting until the dust settled before I did the deed.  BTW, I'm running a
Redhat 7.3 server with RH's sendmail/perl, and the latest version of
spamassassin.  V3 was working without problems before starting.

After noticing that Julian had released a new version I grabbed it,
untar'd the file, and ran the ./install script.  It happily reported that
most of the required perl files were already installed, updated a few, and
added a couple of others.  I modified the new mailscanner.conf file, added
the MailScanner service per the doc's and, as I had the luxury, rebooted
the server.  I know the reboot wasn't necessary if I had shutdown the old
deamons but I also wanted to be sure that the server would come back in
case of power outages etc.  Everything came up running without errors!

I've only noticed a couple of minor things that needed tweaking.  Small
stuff like the f-prot-autoupdate script location had to be changed in my
crontab file (it was still pointing to the old location).

The bottom line is that this was a totally painless upgrade.  Thank you


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