ANNOUNCE: Versions 3.26 and 4.05 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Nov 3 12:52:03 GMT 2002

I have just released versions 4.05 and 3.26.

These improve the handling of attachments whose filenames are in unknown
character encodings, and improve the handling of attachments whose
filenames look malicious, removing a potential security problem before
anyone else finds it or exploits it.

Neither of these have ever been intentionally exploited.

I leave it to the commercial outfits to only fix security vulnerabilities
after they have been exploited!

New features and changes for Version 4 only:
- Can now put "$filename" in inline warning messages to give a
comma-separated list of the infected attachment filenames.
- Improvement to Trend parser when scanning archives.
- Improvement to ClamAV parser for multi-CPU servers.
- Added Dutch and Brazilian Portugese reports.
- Added an "End" function to the Custom Functions usable in the main conf file.
   NOTE: If you have added your own Custom Functions to,
you will need to add an "End" function for each of them.

Download it, as usual, from

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