Fw: Little Bug in V4

Derek Buttineau derek at csolve.net
Fri Nov 1 19:43:30 GMT 2002

Scratch that, the error isn't in the address2userdomain function but in the
one that calls it to populate the variables :)

    162     push @{$this->{touser}}, $user;
    163     push @{$this->{todomain}}, $user;

It's just pushing the user variable into both arrays :)


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From: "Derek Buttineau" <derek at csolve.net>
Sent: Friday, November 01, 2002 12:46 PM
Subject: Little Bug in V4

> In the address2userdomain routine, $user and $domain seem to be reversed..
> Was trying to write a custom function and after a little head scratching,
> and some debugging found that $message->{todomain} contained the username
> not the domain :)  Reversed the two in the function and all worked well :)
> Anyway, just FYI
> Derek

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