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El Vie 31 May 2002 12:54, escribiste:
> I have not bought a new version of mcafee in a while but the one I
> use installs by default into a directory named uvscan and puts the
> dat files in the same folder.  This has caused me problems several
> times with the rpm install of mailscanner, and I always have to
> remember to go fix the mcafeewrapper.
> I've thought about creating a source rpm for mailscanner that
> builds a more "truely" binary set of rpm's (as apposed to the
> script based rpm taht builds the perl modules and etc on install
> now) that just drop the files in the correct location and then
> tries to dynamically generate a more proper config however, I'm not
> sure if this would be of any use to anyone.  Or if this would be to
> specialized for one platform(and rejected on that basis)
> --robert

I have the same problem. I would appreciate a copy of the modified
mcafeewrapper script, if at all possible.

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