scanning for filetype?

Wolfgang Lumpp wolfgang.lumpp at GMX.NET
Fri May 31 08:05:01 IST 2002

Nick Phillips sagte:
> On Thu, May 30, 2002 at 10:15:31PM -0500, ISP List wrote:
> No, I think he wanted to test by extension and content, to make sure
> that people couldn't send dodgy stuff by just changing the extension...
> Whatever...

thats right. We want to block video and audio filetypes.
At the moment we use amavis in the shell version.
I've implemented a additionaly test to block the video and audio there.
I can see (sometimes), that users try to zip or rename the files.
But no chance because the check of filetypes.
I know also, that if the users make a password protected zip, the files go
through.But we want to change our system to actual versions, therefore I search
for a solution, where we can use the filetype check together with
Probably someone have a quick hack to add such a function?



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