Proposed system good enough for mailscanner?

Thom Paine thom at DARKSABER.COM
Thu May 30 20:43:58 IST 2002

Buy lots of fans. That baby will fry an egg. :)

I think your bottleneck may be your connection in. But I'm guessing that
will be at least a T1. I have the registered version of mcafee here, but
it gives no indication of the volume of scanning it can do.

Hopefully someone has a similar system as yours, and can comment.

My server only scans around 1000 messages per day, in and out.

On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 14:54, Richard D Alloway wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm new to this mailing list and am looking for your advice.
> I've been charged with the task of finding an anti-virus/anti-spam
> solution for our ISP.
> We currently have 6 mail servers, each with 4000 to 10000 accounts.  I'd
> like to set up a SMTP gateway server to handling all inbound and outbound
> SMTP traffic.  The total SMTP traffic (inboudn + outbound) would be in the
> order of 700,000 messages per day.
> Which anti-virus software should I use for a service of this volume?
> Does any have any experience with a system of this size?
> I've currently spec'd out a server:
> Dual Athlon 1600+ MP
> 35GB RAID 5 (Ulta-SCSI 160)
> I would be running Linux on this system.
> Anyone have any thoughts or comments?
> Thanks!
> -Rich
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