Signing of unscanned messages

Julian Field jkf at
Wed May 29 11:09:30 IST 2002

Well spotted. Your modification seems to work fine, and will be in the next

At 23:29 28/05/2002, you wrote:
>I'm installing mailscanner on an ensim appliance server and wan't it to be
>an extra to have mail scanned for virusses.
>i use the following options in mailscanner.conf
>Scanning By Domain = yes
>Sign Unscanned Messages = no
>What happens is that the messages for the domains not in the
>file are indeed not scanned, but the header has the Mailscanner sign: Found
>to be clean in it.
>I've looked in to the problem and it seems something goes wrong in
>at line 766: if unscanned and don't signunscanned messages add the unscanned
>header. In any other case add the clean header.
>I think it should be changed to:
>     766     if ($entities eq 'unscanned'){
>     767       if ($Config::SignUnscannedMessages){
>     768         $headers = AddUnscannedHeader($headers);
>     769       }
>     770     } else {
>     771       $headers = AddCleanHeader($headers);
>     772     }
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