Just installed MailScanner

Sat May 25 13:17:19 IST 2002

Dear All

After being advised by Julian - thank you very much Julian for the web site
address - I installed F-prot (Small business 312) and Mailscanner 3.15-3
onto my RAQ4 Cobalt which I believe is running RedHat 6.2 with Sendamil 8.10
(as you can see I am quite new to this)

Everything installed perfectly and the F-prot obtained its virus
definitions corrcetly and installed them. I had no errors on the install

I carried out the modifications as suggested in the artical at
http://www.uk2raq.com/raqfaq/raqfaqshow.php?faq=96 which again wnet

The problem is that I can send and receive e-mail through my RAQ server but
Mailscanner does not seem to be scanning the messages or attachments. I
have been using the EICAR test virus and sending it to the server from my
other free ISP account and from my server using Outlook Express. I do not
get any of the additional entries in the e-mail header (X-Mailscanner.....)
so I can only assume that the the messages are bypassing the MailScanner
part of the operation totally.

I cannot see where I have gone wrong considering I had no errors on install.
Everything appears to be running OK and I have tested the MailScanner
using /usr/local/MailScanner/bin/check_mailscanner and I get back the
correct respons.

Can anyone through any light on this to where I may have gone wrong as I
have gone through every item in this mailing list and the FAQ to no avail.

Thanks everyone

Ray Healy

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