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Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Thu May 23 20:55:26 IST 2002

Another reason to check RBLs in SpamAssassin would be if you are running
MailScanner on a system not directly connected to the internet.  (I think)
sendmail and exim will only check the IP address of the host sending the
mail, which may not be the open relay.  But SpamAssassin checks the IP
addresses of all of the hosts that have sent the mail by looking at the
received headers.


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>         As you want it tunable by the SpamAssassin scoring
> system, then that is the
> right choice for you.
>         As for me, I want to tag *all* mail that came from a
> host listed in an RBL,
> so I have MailScanner do the job. If you want to *reject* all
> mail that
> came from a host listed in an RBL, then sendmail is the right
> answer.
> Julian, almost sounds like FAQ material to me :-)
> I volunteer to contribute a couple SpamAssassin-related
> paragraphs to the FAQ. The 2 main questions I had (and have
> seen from others) are:
> - Where do I check the RBLs and why?
> - How do I config SpamAssassin to work with Mailscanner?
> Would you rather I send them directly to you or follow the
> open-source paradigm and send them to the list for feedback?
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