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Francois Caen FCaen at CI.LAKEWOOD.WA.US
Thu May 23 19:56:19 IST 2002

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        As you want it tunable by the SpamAssassin scoring system, then that is the 
right choice for you. 

        As for me, I want to tag *all* mail that came from a host listed in an RBL, 
so I have MailScanner do the job. If you want to *reject* all mail that 
came from a host listed in an RBL, then sendmail is the right answer.  

Julian, almost sounds like FAQ material to me :-)

I volunteer to contribute a couple SpamAssassin-related paragraphs to the FAQ. The 2 main questions I had (and have seen from others) are:

- Where do I check the RBLs and why?

- How do I config SpamAssassin to work with Mailscanner?

Would you rather I send them directly to you or follow the open-source paradigm and send them to the list for feedback?

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