MailScanner upgrade problems

Julian Field jkf at
Thu May 23 19:14:03 IST 2002

At 19:05 23/05/2002, you wrote:
>(I tried to post this to the mailing list, but Listserve said, "Not
>authorized  Sorry, you are not authorized to post to the
>MAILSCANNER list from the address you entered in the login
>screen. " even though I registered and followed directions on the
>email that looked successful.)

Give me the exact email address you want to subscribe and I'll do it for you.

>MailScanner is a great program.  Thank you for putting it out, and for
>the listserver and upgrades.


>I'm in the middle of upgrading from MailScanner 3.04 to 3.15, and it
>seems very awkward.
>I can't find anywhere on the website for upgrade instructions.  I
>ended up doing a "rpm -U mailscanner...".

Yes, that's right.

>After upgrading, mailscanner didn't look like it starts on bootup.  I
>ended up doing "chkconfig --add mailscanner --level 2345".  Is this
>correct?  Should the rpm have done this for me?

Yes, the rpm still isn't perfect. It's harder than you would think. Doing
         chkconfig sendmail off
         chkconfig mailscanner on
does the job. This will hopefully be resolved in the next release.

>It looks like the upgrade overwrote all of my settings.  I'm now going
>through "mailscanner.conf" and comparing it to
>"mailscanner.conf.rpmsave" line by line to put things back to how I
>had it.  Now I'm discovering that I also have to go through all of the
>files attached to mailscanner.conf (stored.virus.message.txt,
>stored.filename.message.txt, etc.).  Is there an easier way?

No, sorry. You can just "mv -f" all the text files, and "diff" the conf
files. Should only take 10 minutes though.
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